Art fans in Toronto and across the globe are turning themselves into famous paintings |

The AGO’s art at home challenge is part of a massive online trend

While art enthusiasts around the world may not be able to enjoy museums in person right now, the Getty Museum is bringing people together in the most ingenious way: by challenging the public to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in their homes.

Eager participants simply have to choose their favourite artwork, find three things lying around their house, and recreate the artwork with those items.

Artists across the globe have been participating in the challenge — sharing their recreations with such hashtags as #AGOfromhome, #artchallenge, #gettymuseumchallenge, #mystetstvovdoma, #artathome, or #museumfromhome. But AGO fans had some of the most ingenious entries, such as this recreation of the 1524 Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror painting by Parmigianino.

Or this recreation of the 1915 painting by John William Waterhouse: I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, Said the Lady of Shalott.

This man cleverly recreated AGO’s Habitant with Blue Toque and Pipe by Cornelius Kriegoff.

Other noteworthy art submissions from across the world include this recreation of Woman in Biscuits from Gustav Klimt’s Woman in Gold — which is pretty spot on of the original.

This artist rediscovered #blackportraiture through the challenge by recreating John Dempsey’s Black Charley of Norwich (1823) portrait.


Young and old are getting involved…


…and artists are simply using whatever objects they happen to find around their homes.


Even pets are participating!

For more at-home art inspiration, thousands are sharing their recreations on the Izoizolyacia Facebook page — the only rules being that you must use items on hand, and photos can’t be digitally manipulated.

Article courtesy of Nisean Lorde for TRNTO

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