Deer Park

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Deer Park neigbourhood Is shaded by majestic tree lined streets, well loved gardens, parks, coveted private and public schools, shopping, restaurants.

Farnham House

Deer Park’s name dates back to 1837 when a parcel of 40 acres of land was purchased by the Heath family. Once a meadow it was originally called “Mushquoteh” by the First Nations people referring to a place where deer come to feed. This northwest corner of Yonge and St. Clair surrounding Heath Street remains tree capped but has grown into a thriving metropolis of midtown urban life.

Deer Park borders the Belt Line Trail to the north, Vale of Avoca to the east, AvenueRoad and Oriole Parkway to the west. It’s southern boundary is Farnham Avenue stretching east of Yonge to Avenue but West of Yonge turns into Jackes Avenue ending at David A. Balfour Park.

One of Toronto’s classic grand boutique condominiums, 33 Jackes Avenue, overlooks the city and David Balford Park remaining a rare find if you are looking for a gracious bungalow size condo with direct elevator access.  The newest edition to this Deer Park is Jackes that began pre-sales this year.  


The Yonge Subway line (St. Clair Ave. West and Summerhill stations), St. Clair street cars, and Avenue bus routes make downtown and uptown an easy commute. From the southern section of Deer Park it is a 5 minute walk to the famous strip of high end grocers affectionately know to locals as ‘The Five Thieves’ or continue on pastpleasant antique and clothing shops to Yorkville all within 20 minutes if you are not tempted to stop and shop. The Yonge and St. Clair West Centre shops, restaurants, Doctor’s offices, and business center have every convenience very close to home.

Along with David A. Balfour Park with its hiking trail through the Vale of Avoca Ravine is the expansive Rosehill Reservoir Park where dog owners love to meet with lattes and parents bring their children to cool off in the wading pool. The reflecting pool and waterfall are quite striking features set this open field that leads you into Summerhill neighourhood to the South. Over looking the park along with 33 Jackes Condominium are 70 Rosehill Avenue which also consists of large condominiums and co-op buildings 10 and 20 Avoca.

Noteworthy for history buffs, St. Michael’s cemetery tucked inter-city just off Yonge Street north of Balmoral is the Toronto’s oldest cemetery on record St. Michael’s cemetery dating to back to 1855.

Place to See, Things to Do:

  • St. Michael’s Cemetary
  • Yorkminster Park Baptist Church
  • 40 Heath Street West – At one time owned by the church, Archbishop Desmond Tutu stayed in the house, which was used for visiting Clerical dignitaries.
  • 42 Heath Street West – After a stakeout, Canada’s most notorious bank robber of the day, Edwin Boyd, leader of the Boyd Gang, was captured in this house at 6:00AM on March 15, 1952.
  • 37, 29, 41 Heath Street West – Hoskin House


  • Amsterdam Square
  • Lawton Parkette
  • Rosehill Resevoir
  • David A. Balfour Park
  • Kay Gardner Beltline Trail
  • Oriole Park

Educational Facilities (click on link below for list of schools in neighbourhood)
Schools In Deer Park

Local Community, Restaurants and Recreation

  • Brown’s Bistro
  • Scallywags Restaurant
  • Capocaccia Café
  • Starbucks/ Tim Hortons

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