June Doorey Chu Team Connection

After three months working as an essential service in the Covid-19 health crisis, we have learnt how to help buyers and sellers that need to move, make a move.

If you don’t need to move, enjoy summer, love your family and friends and love where you live.

Along with the retail stores buyers lined up to shop in and the patios diners can’t wait to dine on, the housing market also revealed that pent up demand for many properties had buyers lining up to offer in May and June.

May’s 55% increase in real estate sales, after April’s shocking 67% decline, was a welcome relief to buyers and sellers anxious to relocate.  Although total sales were still down 54% in May 2020 (4,606 compared to 9,950 in 2019) the scarcity of  new listings (9,104 compared to 19,394) resulted in a 3% GTA average sale price increase.

In early June the Doorey Chu Team ‘self-staged’ and listed two houses. Both sold in days over asking, one attracting 15 offers making it the highest priced semi-detached home in its neighbourhood…ever!

Happy Seller Joanna with 15 offers and a glass of champagne.

As real estate agents, we’ve adjusted to Covid-19 screening forms, masks, gloves, paper booties, sanitizers, disinfectants, and virtual everything— From the initial screening of a home to negotiating the final sale contract.

We invested in packaged Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to comply with safety-first protocols that include gloves, masks and hand sanitizer.

Listening to our clients we know we are all asking ourselves the same questions. How will potential unemployment, decreased immigration, political and racial reckoning, plus our fight against Covid-19 change our economy and our lives?

We have to ride these questions together. For our part, we remain focused and positive, utilizing our skills to help you if you need to right-size or if the economy is telling you now is the right time to move.  We are always ready to talk about real estate so please call us for a confidential conversation to discuss what is best for you.

With pride and respect we wish you a safe summer.

Lisa Marie, Linda, Wendy, Lori and Cherry

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