Negotiation Process

Offer Negotiation

Price is only one of many factors to weigh as you evaluate and negotiate an offer. Every situation is different. While you may be motivated to secure the optimal price given current market conditions, you may also need to weigh other considerations such as the convenience of the buyers’ desired completion, possession and adjustment dates, their desired inclusions, the number of subjects or conditions attached to the offer, and the amount of the deposit.

Lisa Marie or Linda will help you assess each incoming offer to determine whether it’s the right one for your unique needs and circumstances.

Background Research

With some investigation, your associate may also be able to help assess the potential buyer’s background and goals for purchasing a property, which may assist you in negotiating a competitive price. For example, a buyer who has already sold his/her home and needs to move within a certain time frame may be willing to compromise on price if they can negotiate a date that coincides with the completion of their home sale.

Multiple Offers

In high-demand, low-inventory areas, you may find yourself in a situation where there are several offers for your home. Some sellers in high-demand niche markets may also intentionally list their home at a low price hoping to stimulate multiple offers. This doesn’t necessarily mean the price will be bid up significantly over the asking price, but it does mean that due diligence will be required on your part and the part of your REALTOR® to ensure you properly assess the strength and limitation of each offer, negotiate strategically to maximize the value you are able to get for your property, and to ensure you are protecting your legal interests in what may be a time-sensitive and complex negotiation process


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