Schools In The Annex


Huron St. Jr. Ps. – 541 Huron St.
Staff at Huron St. Jr. Ps. Are dedicated to providing exemplary programming for students. The programs here foster academic excellence, critical thinking, self-discipline and a love of learning. By using the Higher Order Questions (Blooms Taxonomy and Q Chart), students are provided with the skills to be critical thinkers, while the primary classes provide Balanced Literacy programs that meet needs of all levels of learners. Students, staff and community are second to none at Huron St. Ps and the main focus is on academic excellence.

Website: N/A
Phone: 416-393-1570
Grades: JK-Gr6
Enrolment: About 450 students


Palmerston Jr. Ps. – 734 Palmerston Ave.
Palmerston is a triple track school, offering programs in English, French and Gifted. French Immersion for the first 4 years is in French, with English introduced in Gr4 and the program turning half-English in Gr.6. The English program receives Core French in Gr4-6, and the Gifted program receives identified students from Gr4-6 designed to broaden, expand and explore the curriculum in greater breadth. The school houses a large library resource centre, computer lab, gym, and two large playing fields with a thriving daycare located in the adjacent building.

Website: N/A
Phone: 416-393-9305
Grades: JK-Gr6
Enrolment: Approx. 500 students




Annex Montessori – 427 Bloor St. W.
Parents and researchers alike agree that the first 6 years of a child’s life are the most important in their development. A Montessori education will provide an environment designed to meet the changing needs of children in their early years.  2 Programs are offered at Annex Montessori; The Toddler Program and Casa Program. In the Toddler Program, children aged 18 months – 2.5 years take part in Practical Life, Movement and Language activities that teach toddlers independence, improve motor skills and develop language skills. The Casa program is for children 2.5 years and up, and uses Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematical, and Culture skills to help children establish the guidelines for success at an early age. Contact Annex Montessori for more information.

Phone:  416-994-0549
Grades: Toddlers – Early Years


Howlett Academy – 15 Madison Ave.
Founder, Jan Howlett, believed providing students with a well-planned curriculum game them a solid foundation to secure future learning. Children hear are provided with the necessary skills and knowledge to make connections between many areas of learning. Each class has 2 dedicated teachers and employs the skills of highly trained and experienced teachers for subjects like Math, French and Music. Through overarching themes, students will be introduced to the ways of thinking in different disciplines, learning how to pose problems, take risks, collect and analyze data, investigate ideas, make fine judgments, undertake syntheses and come to tentative conclusions.

Phone: 416-291-7225
Grades: JK-Gr8
 Enrolment: 60 students




Royal St. George’s College (For boys) – 120 Howland Ave.
Located in the Annex, Royal St. George’s College is an independent university preparatory school that provides stimulating and supportive environment, grounded in Christian values and dedicated to instilling in boys the knowledge, skill and adaptability to live a balance, purposeful and happy life. The school’s high academic standards, strong support system and expectations that their students will participate in athletics, music, the arts, public speaking and outdoor education make for a well-rounded education. RSGC’s community is based upon the principles that we respect one another, take responsibility for our actions, and have the right to respectfully use our voices to make views known.

Phone: 416-533-9481
Grades: Gr3-12
Enrolment: Approx. 425 students


Dragon Academy – 35 Prince Arthur Ave.
Honouring differences in temperament, talent and learning styles, the Dragon Academy is committed to helping students by offering experience-centred, challenging and well-rounded education programs for a diverse community through discussion and museum based learning. Students pursue in-depth studies across the subject fields – literature and languages, mathematics, sciences, philosophy, the arts, social sciences – and meaningful connection is achieved through complex curricular integration.  The schools methods are Socratic, raising crucial questions, encouraging engagement and discussion, rewarding critical analysis rather than memorization. 

Phone: 416-323-3243
Grades: Gr7-12

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