Schools In Yorkville


Jesse Ketchum Jr & Sr Public School – 61 Davenport Rd.
“Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Successful” Jesse Ketchum Public school is located at Bay St. and Davenport Rd. near Yorkville Village. The school was established around 1834, and the present building dates back to 1914. The arts program is extensive with specialist music and visual arts teachers, different choirs, band, string and steel pan all options for students. The school is very active with many programs focusing on diversity and equality. Students come from a diverse population of about 400 kids, with more than 40 languages spoken in their homes.



Website: N/A
Phone: 416-393-1530
Grades: JK-8
Enrolment: 396 students





Cornerstone Academic College – 80 Bloor St. W. (8th Floor)
A private language school, with a special rule for students: English Only! From the moment students arrive, until they graduate, the school evaluates progress and most of the instructions and learning programs are carried out in the Computer Lab. By taking a placement test, you are placed in 1 of 3 Cornerstone ESL levels based on your test results. Students immerse themselves in the culture inside and outside of school to help build confidence, even offering internships and college/university placement for students and even Youth ESL curriculum for kids.

Downtown-Toronto-Homes-Cornerstone Academy

Phone: 416-218-0044
Grades: High School, ESL, adult courses






Independent/ Alternative Schools

ILAC – International Language Academy Canada – 920 Yonge St. (4th floor)
The largest language school in Canada, and one of the top language schools in the world. Students from over 70 countries come to study English at ILAC to learn about different cultures and other ways of life in a respectful and social environment. Offering high-quality English classes for all levels and purposes, providing safe and affordable accommodations, trips, activities and FREE college and university placement.


Phone: 1-877-452-2452
Grades: High School-Adulthood



McDonald International Academy – 920 Yonge St. (2nd floor)
Established in 1991, MIA is a fully registered and accredited secondary school. Since the school’s inception, over 10,000 students from over 30 different countries have graduated and successfully entered many universities and colleges across North America.


Phone: 416-322-1502
Grades: High School
Avg. Class Size: 15-25 students


URBAN International High school – 765B Yonge St.
An alternative high school that employs a smaller classroom environment, providing differentiated instructions and aiding each student’s individual learning needs. Students move away from cookie-cutter schooling by engaging in goal setting, and creating a customizable academic program using personal attention and a focus on success-driven results.

Downtown-Toronto-Homes-Urban International High School(1)

Phone: 416-924-1011
Grades: Co-Ed high school



Academy Of Learning – 1255 Bay St. (6th Floor)
The secret of success for students at Academy Of Learning is that they are trained using their exclusive Integrated Learning System (Only available here). The system offers Student Focused Training, Competency-Based Training, Multi-Skill level programs, Immediate enrolment, Individual Assistance and the option to learn at your own place using flexible committed guidelines – There’s no need to keep pace with other students, you learn at your own speed.


Phone: 1-855-978-3988
Grades: Gr 12 Grads/ 19+ years of age



Canadian Business College – 2 Bloor St. W.
A “For-Profit” business college with locations in Toronto, Scarborough and Mississauga, established in 1992. The goal of the programs is to empower students with real-world knowledge to succeed beyond the classroom – so when you enrol in a diploma program, you will receive education you can apply to life and career.


Phone: 416-925-9929
Grades: College (Post Secondary)
Avg. Class Size: 6-20 students



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