Showings For Your Property

Once your home is listed on the market, Lisa Marie or Linda will advise you on how showings and open houses fit into the marketing and selling strategy and will work with you to facilitate them. They will also provide you with feedback on your property from prospective buyers so you can adjust the presentation of your home, or its price, accordingly.

To optimize the value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers and investors, it’s important to ensure that your home is presented in the best possible light. Prior to any showings or open houses, complete the steps in the attached checklist, as well as any specific tips for your home from Lisa Marie or Linda.

Pre-Showing Checklist
Please leave the house during a showing or open house to ensure that potential buyers have the chance to evaluateand experience the home at their leisure.

Property Interior

  • Ensure that every room is sparkling clean and tidy
  • Ensure Fixtures and Appliances are clean.

 »  Sweep floors and vacuum floor coverings

 »  Clean window panes

 »  Remove garbage from all bins

 »  Clean the kitchen counters, sink and appliances

 »  Empty the dishwasher and ensure dishes are put away

 »  Put out clean towels in the kitchen and bathrooms

 »  Make sure the bathrooms are extra clean

 »  Remove clutter from countertops and coffee tables

 »  Make all beds and tidy up the closets

  • Ensure that every room is well-lit

 »  Open drapes and window coverings to maximize natural light during the daytime

 »  Turn on all lights

 »  Ensure that every room is well-aired and free

 »  Avoid or eliminate offensive odors from pets or cooking

 »  Keep your home 100% smoke-free when your house is on the market

»  If weather permits, open windows

  • Clear all stairways, hallways and foyers of clutter
  • Add finishing touches like fresh flowers and candles to main rooms, including the living room, dining room and master bedroom.
  • Turn off TVs and radios
  • Keep pets out of your house, and preferably off the property, during the showing or open house

Property Exterior

Ensure entrance, garage and porch areas are free of clutter

Ensure driveways and walkways are clear of toys, bicycles, vehicles, garbage cans, snow, ice, etc.

Cut the lawn, weed and trim the yard, groom flowerbeds, hedges and garden

Clean the garage/work areas


Keep money, jewellery, small electronics, personal documents and other valuables out of sight and secured.

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